Issuance of Promissory Note

Schedule of Availability of Service

Monday – Friday

8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (NO Noon Break)

Who may avail the service:

Concessionaires who can’t pay his/her monthly bill on due dates

What are the requirements?

Personal Appearance (no letter and no phone calls)

Step Applicant / Client Activity Duration of Activity Person in Charge Fees Form
1 Fill out Promissory Note Verify Accounts Payable 5 mins. WMM Promissory Note
2 Present the Promissory Note to the General Manager for Approval
  • Interviews / asks the client when to pay his / her obligations
  • GM signs the Promissory Note
10 mins. GM
3 Return the Promissory Note to the WMM
  • Files / keeps the form
  • release the copy
  • release the copy
2 mins. WMM


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